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What kind of students does the Jewish Virtual Academy cater to?

We cater to all Frum families, we have Modern orthodox, Chabad, Litvish and Yeshivish students.

Can I try out a class to see if it's a good fit?

Yes, you can try our classes for 3 days before registering.

What should I do if the age that I'm looking for is not currently available?

Contact us, once we have a minimum of four students we will notify you of any additional classes.

How much does tuition cost?

Monday - Thursday: $400/month Monday - Friday: $500/month Tuition is charged annually, paid in 10 monthly installments.

Is their a full day option?

We ccurrently only have part time classes and we're working on expanding to have a full day option for east and west ccoast time zones.

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Tel: (323) 539-4564 / Email: info@jewishvirtualacademy.com

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