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New Classes
on Chumash Mishnah & Gemara

Our exceptional afterschool program, is tailored to frum kids in grades 1-8. 


Chumash Classes

Learn the foundational skills of how to learn text-based Chumash through learning:

  • Shorashim 

  • Pefexis 

  • Suffixes

Mishna Classes

Learn the Mesorsah of Torah Shebal Peh and the structure of how Mishnayos works by dividing every Mishnah into four parts:

1. Omer - Learning about the Tanaim in every Mishnah 
2. Mikrah - Learning the case in every Mishnah
3. Din - Learning the Halacha of every opinion 
4. Tam - Learning the reasons for their opinion 


Gemara Classes

Learn the structure of how to learn Gemara with learning:


  • What a Masechta, Perek, Daf, and Amud are.

  • Frequently used keywords that help you divide the Gemara.

  • Frequently used Milim - words that are used throughout the Gemara.

  • How to punctuate Gemara, Rashi, and Tosfos

The Jewish Virtual Academy has recently introduced new classes catered to Frum children in elementary and middle school. These classes focus on key Jewish subjects such as Chumash, Mishnah, and Gemara.

Taught by a team of amazing teachers, these classes provide a nurturing and supportive environment where students engage deeply with the texts and enhance their understanding and skills in these subjects.

These classes are held twice a week for an hour after school, they offer a structured and engaging educational experience that fosters the skills and love for learning.


Structured and Engaging Classes

Separate Classes for Boys and Girls




You will only be charged for the classes you join.


This package includes 8 classes per month.



All New Program

Our exceptional afterschool program is tailored to Frum students in elementary and middle school to learn and reinforce the skills that are needed to be an independent learner.

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