Quality Chinuch.

Small Class Setting.

World-Class Teachers.

The Jewish Virtual Academy was founded with the purpose to instill 'אהבת ה and אהבת התורה with יראת שמים in every student.


Through a unique teaching approach and a truly passionate staff, we help students grow, learn and accomplish to the best of their ability.


The Jewish Virtual Academy is a Frum Jewish virtual school for boys and girls in elementary and middle school. Rabbi Mendel Zajac directs and provides a quality, interactive and fun Limudei Kodesh program.


Students join classes on our online platform and learn the material through synchronous and asynchronous programming.

Our Mission

At the Jewish Virtual Academy we strive to provide the best Jewish education for every student.


Whether you're homeschooling or looking for an online school option, we provide a Frum Jewish studies education. 


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